Student supervision


Doctoral dissertations supervised


·    George Iosifidis, "Spectrum and Storage Capacity Management methods using network economics and optimization methods", May 2012; now an Assistant Professor at Trinity College, Dublin; was post-doctoral researcher at Yale University.

·    Lazaros Gkatzikis,  "Optimization and Game theory techniques for energy-constrained networked systems and the smart grid", July 2013; now a Research staff member at Huawei Research Lab, Paris; was post-doctoral researcher at KTH.

·    Stratos Keranidis: "Design and implementation of resource allocation algorithms for wireless networks", June 2014; now a post-doctoral researcher at CERTH.

·    Vassiliki Hatzi: Smart Grid  control methods and gamification (Feb. 2017); now a post-doctoral researcher with University of Thessaly.

·    Panagiota Micholia: Participatory sensing systems (8/2013- ), AUEB.

·    Livia Chatzieleftheriou: Wireless caching and recommender systems (5/15 -), AUEB.

·    Panagiotis Spentzouris: Advertising systems (12/2015- ), AUEB. 

·    George Darzanos: Cloud computing platform federation (1/2014- ). Co-supervised with G. Stamoulis.

·    Aggeliki Anastopoulou: Smart grid auction mechanisns (8/2013- ). Co-supervised with G. Stamoulis.



M.Sc. Theses supervised

·    Gregory Maragkakis: Data analytics for cloud troubleshooting, AUEB, ongoing (collaboration with Nokia Athens R&D center)

·    Dimitrios Sideratos: Auction mechanisms for Big Data, AUEB, February 2014.

·    Evgenia Noutsi: The impact of social networks on mobile data operator mechanisms, AUEB, February 2014; Now a Research Engineer with Nokia Networks, Greece. 

·    Dimitrios Hatzopoulos: Energy-efficient scheduling in cloud computing systems July 2013; now a Ph.D. student at HKUST, HK. 

·    Dimitrios Giatsios: Misbehavior in cross-layer network optimization, Nov. 2011; now a Ph.D. student at UTH. 

·    Vasilios Miliotis : Spectrum sensing algorithms in wireless cognitive networks, June 2008; now a post-dctoral researcher with CERTH after a Ph.D at UPC, Barcelona.

·    George Iosifidis : Peer-to-peer network optimization algorithms for utility maximization, May 2007, continued to Ph.D.

·    Konstantinos Aggelis: Scheduling and beam-forming methods for maximum throughput in wireless networks, June 2005.



Teaching Experience


Development of new courses

·    EE 568 "Network Optimization" (5th year undergraduate, UTH): covers topics in numerical one- and many-variable optimization, linear and non-linear programming, convex optimization, and their applications in network modeling and performance analysis. Fall 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

·    EE 569 "Advanced topics in networking: Game theory" (5th year undergrad / co-listed as grad, UTH): covers topics in game theory, Nash equilibria, auctions, and their applications in network modeling, Fall 2010.

·    EE 440 "Wireless Communications" (3rd year undergrad, UTH): covers topics in wireless propagation modeling, channel access and signaling, power control. Spring 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012.

·    EE 684 “Wireless Communication Networks (grad, UTH): covers topics in stochastic control, dynamic programming and Lyapunov optimization and their application in wireless network optimization problems. Spring 2011, 2012.


Other Courses taught

·    "Introduction to Computer Science" (core 1st year undergrad, AUEB), Fall 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

·    "Computer Systems Organization" (core 2nd year undergrad, AUEB), Fall 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (co-teaching), 2017.

·    "Mobile and Pervasive Systems" (grad, AUEB), Spring 2013 (co-teaching), Spring 2015, Spring 2016 (co-teaching).

·    "Performance Analysis of Networks and Systems" (grad, AUEB), Spring 2013 (co-teaching), Spring 2014. 

·    EE 342 “Digital Communications”, (3rd year core undergrad, UTH), Spring 2009, 2010.

·    EE 546 “Estimation and Detection Theory”, (4th year undergrad, UTH), Spring 2008, 2009, 2010.  

·    “Estimation and Detection Theory”, (grad, UTH), Fall 2008, 2009.

·    EE 448 “Information and Coding Theory”, (5th year undergrad, UTH), Fall 2006, 2007, 2011. 

·    EE 564 “Computer Networks II” (4th  year undergrad, UTH) – Spring 2006 (co-teaching with L. Tassiulas).

·    “Advanced topics in Networking” (grad, UTH), Fall 2004, 2006.

·    EE 310 “Mathematics for Telecommunications” (3rd year undergrad, UTH), Spring 2003 (co-teaching)