About the Department

The Informatics Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) has been in existence, in its present form, since 1984. The main purpose of its creation was to provide innovative undergraduate and postgraduate education, along with research for the information and computing professions. Each year, approximately 200 students are welcomed. The department not only organizes two specified postgraduate programs, but also educates doctoral students.
 Our Informatics Department is at the forefront of research in various specific areas and its contribution is of high significance. These areas include computer networks, information management, operations research and theoretical computer science. All 30 members of experienced Academic Professors affirm the evolution of Computer Science, the development in the domestic industry in ICT and offer great development potential. They have made more than 1.000 research publications, which have attracted over 8.000 references from other researchers worldwide. Furthermore, 18 out of our 30 members have been Academic Professors in many European and American Universities.
We provide our students with all the necessary qualifications for an excellent education. There are 8 fully equipped laboratories available, with free wireless Internet connection as well as Internet access from home to e-class and to e-library of AUEB.
The main goal of the undergraduate program is to prepare scientists, qualified of developing the ICT sector, to be ready to participate in all kinds of financial and social activities. Moreover, emphasis has been given to the theoretical aspect of this science so the students are able, after their graduation, to cope with the rapid scientific and technological changes in Informatics.
The main objective of the bachelor program is Computer Science, in addition to its extensions in the fields of Economics and Management. Thus, a variety of courses ie. Computer Networks and Database Systems promote the knowledge in this field.
Students are given the opportunity to cooperate with the Professors of the Department and complete their Theses. In addition to the above mentioned they can undertake a training internship in well-known companies and choose courses from other University Departments.
Once the bachelor diploma is obtained, the alumni follow a bright career full of opportunities in Greek and other European companies. The graduates can continue their studies by attending a postgraduate program in Greece or abroad.