Undergraduate Studies

Our mission
The Department of Informatics aims to prepare Scientists that will contribute substantively to the development of Information Systems. Additionally, our mission is to create knowledge that is competent.
Our main philosophy states that, in order to approach Computer Science holistically, it is highly significant for each student to have the opportunity and choose from a variety of courses, corresponding to different scientific fields.
According to other well-established Greek, but also International programs, our study guide is formed and updated. Moreover, the undergraduate program follows the standards of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the British Computer Society and the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
Students must initially attend a number of courses that cover an extended, but necessary, background, common for all students, in Computer Science, Mathematics, and business subjects. In the remainder of their studies, optional subjects can be chosen depending on the specific areas they want to study in depth. The optional subjects are organized in modules. Each module is constituted of certain compulsory subjects that deal with the basic knowledge of the module, and a number of elective courses that allow the deeper understanding, as well as the specialisation of the corresponding module.
The specializations are:
1.      Theoretical Computer Science
2.      Computer Systems and Networks
3.      Information Systems and Information Security
4.      Databases and Knowledge Management
5.     Operational Research and Economics of Information Technology
6.     Computational Mathematics and Scientific Calculations