The Informatics Department provides a number of e-services to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate), as well as to the academic and administrative staff. These services are mentioned below:
For this service, please visit,

You will be able to:

·        For students: to subscribe for the courses in the beginning of each semester

·        For Professors: to submit grades for each courses examined

·        To find the personal grade transcript
Each student will receive a personal e-mail address defined as , provided by the Network Operations Center of the University . For more information please click here.
Each user (student or professor) is able to connect to the University’s Data Network through dial-up connection and have access to his e-mails, to the Internet, and many other services. For more information please click here.
Wireless Access
The University provides the service of wireless access to all faculty members and students that possess an e-mail address/dial up at the University. Wi-fi spots can be traced at most of the University’s areas. For more information regarding to wireless access and university’s broadband services please visit:
This service enables all students and the academic staff to have a website for each course, where important announcements, grades, notes and bibliography can be found. For more information please visit: