There exist two ways of referring to the subjects of the curriculum.
The first way is according to the category they belong. This way enables the reader to understand what are the prerequisites for obtaining the degree and also which subjects are compulsory, module compulsory or module options.
The second way is according to the semester they are offered. Although the spread of subjects in semesters is indicative, (Department Guide), it reflects normal attendance conditions under which a student can earn his degree with the minimum possible number of semesters required, and also, the consecutiveness of knowledge needed between the various subjects.
Students are advised to follow this consecutiveness as this allows them to have an even balance of subjects per semester avoiding clashes between courses in the timetable.
Course Guide
Category 1 - Compulsory Courses

  • Basic Concepts of Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Foreign Language

Category 2 - Module Compulsory Courses
Category 3 - Module Elective Courses
Category 4 - Free Options
The specializations are:
1.      Theoretical Computer Science
2.       Computer Systems and Networks
3.      Information Systems and Information Security
4.      Databases and Knowledge Management
5.      Operational Research and Economics of Information Technology
6.      Computational Mathematics and Scientific Calculations