Applied Mathematics, Informatics, Finance and Operational Research Sector

Sofia Dimeli (Econometrics)
Panagiotis Katerinis (Discrete Mathematics) - Director of the Sector
Ioannis Kontoyianis (Probability)
Assistant Professors
Eugenie Foustoucos (Logic)
Stavros Toumpis (Applied Mathematics)
Paraskevas Vassalos (Numerical Analysis)
Antonios Dimakis (Applied Mathematics)
Professors Emeriti
Elias Flytzanis (Analysis)
Elias Lipitakis (Numerical Analysis)
Evangelos Magirou (Operations Research)
Teaching Associate
Vassilios Giahalis
Maria Papatheodorou

Topics of Faculty Research
Mathematics: Analysis, Algebra, Probability, Logic and their Applications.
Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics, Graphs and their Applications.
Mathematical Theory of Algorithms and Complexity.
Mathematical Information Theory.
Computational Mathematics: Numerical Analysis, Numerical Methods and Algorithmic Techniques, Parallel Algorithms.
Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics
Information System Economics: Management of Information Systems Projects, social, economic and administrative implications of IS.
Operations Research: Optimization of deterministic and stochastic systems, Game and Decision Theory, Simulation.
Econometric Models, Time series forecasting.
The Section operates the Theory, Economics and Systems Laboratory, under the direction of Prof. I. Kontoyiannis.