About the Department

The Department of Informatics traces its history to the Department of Statistics and Informatics originally established in 1984. It was the third University department in Greece to specifically address Information Technology and Computer Science in its curriculum.
In 1989 that department was divided into the Department of Statistics and the Department of Applied Informatics. The latter was renamed to the Department of Informatics in 1995.

  • Thirty experienced faculty members
    • possessing Doctoral Degrees from institutions such as Berkeley, Harvard, MIT and Stanford
    • with an average of 17 years of teaching experience
    • with a total of more than 1000 international publications and more than 8000 citations to them
    • more than half of the faculty have previously taught at American and Western European universities
    • many faculty members with experience in the administration of organizations and institutes


  • Good student-faculty ratio
    • about 200 incoming undergraduates per year
    • about 100 master's students per year
    • about 50 Ph.D. students


  • Laboratories
    • Eight fully equipped and recently upgraded laboratories for undergraduate and graduate education and research


  • Graduate Programs
    • Computer Science
    • Information Systems
    • In collaboration with other Universities
      • Mathematics of Market and Production (with the Mathematics Department and the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Athens)
      • Basic and Applied Knowledge Science (with the Department Methodology of History and Theory of Science and the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogic and Psychology of the University of Athens)


  • Graduate Degrees
    • Doctoral Diploma(equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy degree)
    • Postgraduate Diploma (equivalent to a Master of Science degree)