BA in Economics from Athens School of Economics and Business Science, 1976

BA in Political Science from Pantios Superior School of Political Science, 1979

Master (M.Sc.) in Economics, University of Pittsburgh, USA 1985

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pittsburgh, USA 1987



Main Building, 1st Floor


dimelis AT aueb gr


+30 210 8203 237

Office Hours: 


Research Interests: 

Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Applied Economics: Economics of Growth and of Business Cycles, International Industry and Investments, Energy and Stock Economics, Economics of Employment and wages.

Selected Publications: 

S. Dimelis, "A Test of the Linear Rational Expectations Equilibrium Inventory Model in the EEC",
International Journal of Production Economics, Vol.26, pp. 25 32, 1992.
S. Dimelis and M. Ghali, "Variance Bounds Tests of Inventory Behavior in Disaggregate Manufacturing Industries" in R. Fiorito,
ed. Inventory Cycles and Monetary Policy, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems,
Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 209-226, 1994.
S. Dimelis, N. Christodoulakis and T. Kollintzas, "Comparisons of Business Cycles in the EC: Idiosyncracies and Regularities",
Economica, Vol. 62, pp. 1-27, 1995.
S. Dimelis and H. Louri, "Foreign Ownership and Production Efficiency: A quantile Regression Analysis,"
Oxford Economic Papers, 54, pp. 449-469, 2002.
S. Dimelis and H. Louri, "Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillovers: Which Firms Really Benefit? "
Review of World Economics, 140(2), 2004.
S. Dimelis "Prospects of the Greek Economy in the Post-Enlargement Era,"
World Economy, pp. 803-827, 2004.


S. Dimeli, T. Kollintzas and N. Christodoulakis, Economic fluctuations and growth in Greece and Europe, Stamouli Publications, Athens 1997.
S. Dimeli, Modern methods of time series analysis, Critici Publications, 3rd Publication, Athens 2003.
S. Dimeli, Competitive Advantages of the Greek Economy: Overall and Sectoral Analysis 1990-2001,
Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), 53 RESEARCHES, 2004.

Selected Projects: 

Trade with Central and Eastern Europe: The case of Greece: European Commission, PHARE program, 1993-94.
Panel of Firms: A Longitudinal Inter-regional Microeconomic Study on Competitiveness: SPES-CT91-0074, 1996-97.
Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporation: New Theories and Evidence: TMR Νetwork Program No ERBFMRXCT - 980215, 1998-2002.
Analysis of the Competitive Advantages in Greek Economy, Research Project, EΡ-1001-01, ΚΕΠΕ , 2002-2003.

Other Activities: 

Has participated in conferences' organization, invited lecturer in workshops and training seminars.
Member of international scientific groups, judge of scientific articles and projects published in international journals.

Supervisor of Ph. D. and M.Sc. dissertations in Economics and Informatics.